How To Hard Boil Eggs For Easter Eggs Posted On: Aug-17-2022 By: Sara
Easter is a celebratory occasion that comes during the springtime, where everyone loves gathering and exchange gifts. Among various gift items, eggs are the most favorite choice of the people since they describe and relate well with the overall parent theme of the Easter event. People all around the world serve their loved ones with hard-boiled eggs, and sometimes, they gift these edibles. Not boiling the eggs properly and ignoring the packaging design can cause loss to some local or home-based businesses. For that, we have put together this guide that will let you know how you can boil eggs and pack them in attractive packaging. 

Boiling Eggs For Easter

Easter is the biggest hard-boiled holiday for people all around the world. Making the hard-boiled eggs in a minimal time as well as easy to peel is a must if you want to impress the audience. In this regard, one of your first steps should be to place water in one-third part of a pot. Then, you need to cover the pot with a lid and boil it over high flame. The second step is to place the eggs in the water that is already heated. Lower the eggs to the bottom of the pot and set the timer for approximately 10 minutes. While the eggs are being heated, pour some ice water into a separate bowl. When the timer goes off, lift the eggs from the pot with a strainer and put them into the cold bowl. Your hard-boiled and easy-to-peel eggs are ready to serve to the people. 

Packaging Design Considerations

After that you have mastered the art of hard-boiling eggs, it is now the time to work on their presentation and appearance. Nothing can prove more effective than an Easter-themed packaging made with various striking color combinations and designs. Below are design tips that you must consider when designing the Easter packaging for your hard-boiled eggs. 

Play With The Colors

One of the first prerequisites for an eye-catchy Easter packaging is designing them with beautiful and attractive colors. There are certain hues that give a hint of this auspicious event, such as purple, gold, black, red, pink, and white. Try to keep your design limited to some of these colors to evoke certain emotions and springtime sentiments of the target audience. Increase the craving and temptation of the customers towards your hard-boiled eggs by using one or two of these colors. Do not think that mixing all these Easter-themed colors will make your packaging design pop out, as you will end up with a cluttered or funky design this way. Pick just one or two colors that do not just look amazing but also provide you with assistance in reflecting or hinting at your brand personality. This way, your Easter packaging will become an instant source of attraction and produce more sales for you by gravitating more and more customers towards your business. 

Connection With The Event

Building connection of your packaging with the event of Easter is important for the businesses vying for attracting the attention of potential clientele. The shape of the packaging is an important aspect in this regard since it channelizes the perceived quality of your hard-boiled eggs. Previously you could entice the customers and build their interest in your products with mere square or rectangular-shaped packaging. The customers demand something different now, and this demand increases even more on the festive occasion of Easter. Bring excitement among the customer base by altering your packages into an egg shape. Apart from that, you can design the Easter packages that have a basket in front to keep the hot-boiled eggs and support behind the basket that looks like a bunny. 

Always Prefer Revealing Design

When designing the Easter packages for your hot-boiled eggs, establishing your authenticity as a brand should be one of your top priorities. In this regard, you can consider making them with revealing designs that give a suitable hint about the inside contents packed. For instance, the use of some high-quality or high-resolution graphics can prove favorable. Likewise, you can take the help of die-cutting technology for inducing a window made from transparent PVC sheets on your box. By providing a direct sneak peek or overview of the hot-boiled eggs inside, you can earn the confidence of the customers, who will most probably increase word of mouth about your brand by telling to their friends and families. 

Custom Inserts Can Be Great

The custom inserts can be a great addition to the Easter packages that can promote your limited edition products like hot-boiled eggs. Placing some custom inserts can hold the eggs rightly and firmly in one place that prevents the chances of egg breaking inside the packaging. The protection of these delicate edibles is one of the prime concerns for many customers, so inserts can prove beneficial in this regard. Furthermore, you can also print the cardboard inserts with the names of the individuals to generate a good branding experience and make the target audience feel special. The organization and presentation of the hot-boiled eggs are also enhanced this way that increases the worth of your business in front of the target audience. 

To sum up, making the perfect hard-boiled eggs and packing them in eye-catchy packaging is not a big deal. For producing effective results with your packaging, try to design it with Easter-themed and brand-themed colors. Besides, the addition of some personalized custom inserts can also enhance the perceived value of your hard-boiled eggs. 

Everyone feels excited and sudden fits of joy on the occasion of Easter. Let us find out how you can hard boil eggs for Easter and design attractive packaging to pack them. 

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