Everyone comes across  Cardboard Boxes  made of craft or some sort in our daily routines. Products many retailers or supermarkets sell are often fragile and require protection from their packaging that also has the ability to boost their sales in the process as well. 

Different types of products require different cardboard packaging boxes and have different requirements from them. Food products for example have different requirements to general household or fashion items, however all of these are best suited with Custom Cardboard Boxes.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

These are special custom cardboard boxes that not only protect the package products perfectly but are also capable of providing advertisement options by having printing done just in the right way on top of them. This is done through high tech printing machines that offer these boxes the right eye catching look that grabs the customers attention. 

These special custom printed boxes are required for almost all types of products ranging from very small to very large sizes and are manufactured from high grade and well processed cardboard packaging that also makes them appear smooth on the outside. These boxes also serve the purpose of shipping boxes as they have enough durability to protect the item packed inside for safe transportation from one place to another.  

Some types of products also require boxes that have separated compartments inside them as well and others require protection of enhanced levels using layers of other softer materials on the inside as well as these moving boxes can provide the much needed protection..

What We Offer?

We offer cardboard boxes for shipping purposes. These come in different sizes, dimensions and grade requirements for different types of products to be packed inside. To make these specific boxes, requires experience and skills and My Box Printing has all the necessary experience and skills in order to provide just the right large sized boxes to our clients. These boxes have enough space to fit the packed item properly. These boxes also have a company logo which makes them advertise the brand when they are on the shelves in supermarkets or retail stores.

Wholesale Cardboard Boxes

For retailers or supermarkets we offer wholesale cardboard boxes. We provide market leading boxes to our clients at the best possible bulk rates. Regardless of how many personalized cardboard boxes you are looking for or what type of customization you want to make to them, we will guarantee the best wholesale prices at the quality we offer our products at. You will never find such reasonable prices elsewhere. 

Quality of these Boxes on wholesale prices is kept the highest as we never compromise with the quality no matter you have a small order or a big one. For startup business we offer some special promotion offers as well as we want to give them a chance to grow and expand their business.

Sizes to Fit and Materials to Last

We manufacture cheapest cardboard boxes from top quality cardboard and also process it using the best processing techniques and equipment present in the market that enables them to last as long as needed and still keep their outstanding shape and dimension just the way they are intended to be. We have our own plant with all the high tech machinery that is needed to make these boxes from start to end. We also offer quality packaging boxes in whatever sized our clients might want them in. Our expert team of people and top of the range equipment is able to provide the smallest and thinnest of sizes and also the biggest and bulkiest of sizes as well.  

Besides that we have a team of highly skilled and creative designers that can offer you the best art work you are looking for. Once you have the idea for your boxes, our professionals will turn it into reality. You have most eye catching art work on your boxes that will grab the customer’s attention and make them buy your product.

Perfect for Numerous Product Ranges

We offer personalized cardboard packaging that is specially designed keeping in mind the exact product types that our clients may have. We ask our clients on the type of products they will be packaging and then plan the grade of cardboard to be used and its size and dimensions accordingly. Besides that our team of dedicated professionals are present all the time to guide you on each and every step, so you can have the right boxes you want.

Our Custom Made Boxes Are Perfect For

  • Retail Grocery Products 
  • Food Industry Products 
  • Fashion Industry Products 
  • Home Decor Products 
  • Electronic Products 
  • Gift Products 
  Any other relevant type of products as well

Top Quality Printing and Customization

We realize that some unique kind of products might require unique customization like having separate compartments for different parts of the products, we cater to that in the most efficient way possible and deliver Boxes that have just the required size compartments within the boxes to keep the ingredients of the products in them separate at all times. 

When it comes to selling products, their printing designs are the most attractive things on them additional to their shape and overall appearance. Our Company fulfills this requirement in the most efficient way by printing with the highest quality printing equipment. We also have a dedicated team of expert printing people who are always an email away from helping you design the most suitable printing designs for your boxes.

Why To Choose Us?

The more you look for best wholesale deals, the more you will understand the difference in ours and other similar companies' offers. We offer just the very best wholesale and bulk offers on custom boxes while keeping their cardboard quality, printing quality, size and dimension requirements and any other custom requirements from them fully satisfied all the time. 

Never pay for unnecessary charges like plate and die charges or delivery charges, we offer free shipping to all over the USA. Growing our business alongside our partner client’s is our top priority as our goal is to keep our clients happy and fulfill their requirements on time, so they can perform their business tasks smoothly.