My box printing has complete right to change any option presenting at our website or term and condition any time with or without any prior intimation to the customer of MyboxPrinting.com. We will suggest our user visit our website on daily basis. If you keep using the website after new changes to the terms, it will be considered as your agreement to the new changes. The material that is used in the production of our product it is in possessions of my box printing. We will not share or sell this material to any other third party or company. Free samples and custom created design for customer will be our property and we have a right to display or showcase our expertise. 

User limitation and Conduct:  

My Box Printing not be answerable for the material shared by the customer of MyBoxPrinting.com and we will not give assurance of the validity, decency or morality of the material. It will be not a responsibility of My Box Printing for any web material which shows offensive, unlawful or abusive content. Our website is completely authorized to delete any material which shows offensive, abusive or otherwise illegal but it is not our duty to remove such material which disrupts terms and condition or which are supposed as an objectionable content. The company is fully authorized to keep the posted content or reveal it to public if required (a) in judicial process (b) apply the terms of service; (c) reply to the such claims that web content disobey the third party rights (d) when some against to the right, wealth or safety of our customer and to our website. It is customer prime duty to provide correct information to the website while ordering your product online. Our website is solely designed for the use of human being, any automated means cannot use our website. My box printing is completely authorized to take Judicial action to those who violate or misuse the terms and condition of our website. Customer will be responsible when he upload or publically share any material to our website like picture, music or writing content. You accept that images, music or writing content that will be uploaded or publically shared by you on our website or used in association with our website will not contain any text, image, design, trademark, service mark, or any patent work of third party unless you have a legal approval from the respective party to use their content. User of the website accept that they will not upload or spread any unpleasant kind of picture, video or written content on our website which will be obscene and cut down our user from using our services or overstep the scholarly property right of MyBoxPrinting.com or any third party. 

Follow legitimate process: 

User of the website agree to hold harmless, defend and reimburse to MyBoxPrinting.com which contains all of its stakeholders in case of undemonstrated printing performed at the product by company which is requested by the customer and made a claim against the company because of wrong act of the customer. By using our website you acknowledge us that privacy policy of my box printing has been agreed by full of your consent. You confess that you have thoroughly read and comprehend the company’s privacy policy and it will be legal for us to use your business and personal information as mentioned in the privacy policy. While placing an order on our website customer must assure that you have all rights and permission which is necessary to place an order and unique product can be created by a company on your behalf. As a customer, if you are experiencing anything while using a website then your age must sufficient to stick to the legal proceedings. For the security purpose, it’s your duty to keep your password safe and manage the access of your registered account on our websites. If someone gains access to your account and place an order then you will be accused of that act. You are completely allowed to create, modify and reuse content from our website when you or someone on your behalf have access to your account. To utilize the feature of our Website, we need customer contact information like Email, Names for accessing to the account in the future. We can ask any other business and personal information if it will be required. You should reveal your password to anyone because you are solely responsible for this account. If someone accesses your password and account then it will be your responsibility for any exploitation of our website or misuse of consumer either personal or public 

Copyright Notice: 

All data which is use in website like includes software, data, written material, images, photographs, graphics, illustration, design concepts, maps and all other content, mutually and collectively termed as “Our Website Content” It is agreed by the use of the website that My Box Printing is the sole owner of that content. We will not allow anyone to modify, republish, distribute and transmit of our website content without any legitimate approval of the website owner. 

Return and Refund Policy: 

My box printing carefully manufactured and design product precisely according to the customer requirement and these product are customized, which have no resale value. It is mandatory part of our sale process after we carefully view the detail digital proof before making bank payment and approving your order for manufacturing, after mutual verification then we sends your order to manufacturing and design department. Customer can approve the digital proof by replaying us via email or chat. My Box Printing is not answerable for any copy, design errors including misspellings, date or color variations. Digital screen may vary the color combination and human eye colors. But when manufacturing has been started, customer is liable to pay entire amount included shipment charges and taxes. If My Box Printing are unable to full fill the order commitment in that case, refund may apply with the adjustment of minimal cancelation charges on 25% of per job. If your product is not printed according to your requirement or you find any defect in it, you have to inform to the company within 3 working days after you receive your order. In order to reprint their product, the defective product should be sent by the customer to the company within 7 business days by using their own expenses. Fast shipment and order have charges which are non-refundable. Due to uncontrollable external factor s like weather and damage during shipment it will not our responsibility. My box printing will not refund the total payment in case of canceling the design service order. There will be no reimbursement for designing service. If you are facing any problem then you should registered your complain within 3 days of receipt of your final order. To verify the complaint Photographic references will mostly be required. 

Payment Terms and condition 

Customer can transfer their amount through bank account transfer and cash deposit to our bank account with reference. When the cheque, cash or bank transfer fund are completely accessible after that order will be processed. Company final form of the product or service should send an electronic file or hard copy of the order product or service for order placement. Once you are sure about what kind of final product you want we send the printing task to printing press department. We also accept payment though PayPal option for limited use for the ease of our customer. Our website will show prices of the products in U.S. Dollars (USD). Also, we will receive the payment in same currency. Customer has to pay their sales tax within the states of IL while processing an order. If a customer wants to exempt their taxes they should have to present their tax exemption certificate. Once the order has been approved for manufacturing, Customer cannot request any refund because order product are completely customize and zero resale value. Banks, PayPal or other financial authority are not liable to refund any amount in such circumstances. When we received the total amount due via some authenticated source payment source, which includes taxes, shipping charges etc after that we start working on your requested order. No changes will be made when task sent to press department regarding time and design. Customer has also an option to cancel their order within 24 hours but it will cost them 50% of the whole payment to compensate company time and resources used in manufacturing the product. After 24-hour time limit company cannot assure the cancel of the product. 

Limitation in Artwork/Files submission: 

User provide their artwork to our designer to create new design. Artwork should be in 300dpi (Dots per Inch) in the final form and also in CMYK format. File provided in other size and format which is not according to a requirement or not in 300dpi and CMYK format will not be acceptable for printing process it cause blurred images and printing opposite to your requirement. Any kind of order which is unlawful or offensive to third party, company has right to decline these orders without any intimation. Customer takes full liability when he places an order that printing material will be created according to his direction. My box printing decline any order without notifying which includes indecent or abusive materials. If the orientation or sequence of the place order is not according to the requirement expectation then the customer will be blamed for this. To avoid all loss of our customer, company will do the best precaution. My box printing is not liable for the loss of your printing orders. When you upload any material to our website it will be your property under the law. 

Attestations and Color Precision: 

Company final form of the product or service should send an electronic file or hard copy of the order product or service for order placement. Once you are sure about what kind of final product you want we send the printing task to printing press department. After sending printing task it is customer duty to update and examine the proof. For the denial of the proof which causes delay, company will not keep waiting. Turnaround time which is mentioned at our website is implemented after proof of agreement. It is requested to do a double check the proof before finalizing it. Number of errors can occur like spacing, copy, layout, punctuation or the picture position and the text printed. Proofs in electronic forms don’t handle transparency; over printing problems or color improve from RGB or Pantone to CMYK. The company will not be accountable for the printed version of products with laminations. It is the full responsibility of customer that is enclosed in final approved proof. If there will be any error in the final product my box printing is not liable for that. Spelling and Grammar mistakes, Font Mistakes. Graphics punctuation, percolating marks. Flawed fonts, Die lines, cropping marks. Cracks in folds overprinting errors Finished product size difference. All Packaging Material is shipped flat and Pre-assembled. Due to the built-in limitation of the printing process the colors which are submitted as an artwork cannot be exactly like that as well as adjoining picture needs, we cannot give any guarantee for the color accuracy. While placing a request of order you agree to the drawback of the system. Company will not be liable for any color change between expected and printing work but we advised to employ to provide best coolest colors. For such color alteration, there will be no reprinting done as it is the limitation of the system, not a human error. For matching color, ink, density on the product which you approved company is not responsible for that. However, if you order a hard proof the company we will guarantee you the color precision. It is to be mentioned that hard copy proof will charge you more otherwise. 

Policy and Procedure for Accepting Shipments: 

When we shipped the product to a required location it will be the decision of the customer to bill the entire amount in term of customs duties and fees. As a buyer, you are liable to clear custom amounts for shipping the product outside the USA 10 to 12 days are provided by a company for shipping the product and accelerated shipping takes 6 to 8 days (ground shipping required 2 to 3 days) to any location in USA having no weight and quantity limitation. Extra charges will be applied to shipping on extra location. Loss, damage or delay which is happened during Transportation, Company is not responsible for these external activities. Legitimately the firm is not to be answerable for any loss in shipping. Although this type of occurrences can be brought to attention after 6 working days after the shipment If you provide us incorrect shipment delivery address or otherwise make an error in the submission of the complete delivery address, we will charge additional shipping and handling charges for re-shipment. We also deliver free amount along with the precise amount of order product. The delivery of extra is completely free. Company will deduct just the amount of the delivered product in case of inadequate delivery or under run. The company walks behind the general rule of delivering 5% extra or less quantity of delivered products. Printing and production turnaround time starts when you have paid or referred the complete volume of your order to the firm and shared your order with artwork/file either in hard form or electronic form, and approved upon the shared content, which is appraised by the press department. You can select the production speed while placing an order at our website which displays the number of waged days from printing to shipment. According to Central Standard Time (CT), send your agreement before 10 a:m. we will try our best to send your product in time through shipment. My Box Printing will not accountable for any loss, damage and delay occurred because of the delay in shipping. Some issue which causes a delay like weather and custom clearing problems are not directly related to us. If the delay is on our side like in printing process then the price will be refunded although order will not be get canceled by deferment in printing.

Contact Information:

If you want to contact us email us at support@Myboxprinting.com for further information you can call us at 1-800-533-4018. We are also providing a 40% discount to reseller signup on your standard quote. After availing this discount you will be eligible to request discount on all your future queries and request reseller signup for from our sales representative or email us at support@myboxprinting.com.