Eyeliner Boxes

Cosmetic products are generally smaller in size Eyeliners are no different but the retail volume these are sold at and the packaging material required to satisfy that large sales volume can have a great impact on the environment. My Box Printing offers some of the most Eco-Friendly Eyeliner Boxes that do the best job of protecting your delicate products and hurt the environment at least as possible at the same time as well. The eyeliner cosmetic products are usually thin and about 3 to 5 inches in length when fully packaged in their bottles. 

Apart from being small in size, they are also lightweight and require Eyeliner packaging that fit their dimensions just right and also have other characteristics like being stiff enough to protect them and also display their properties in an effort to advertise them right from the shelf successfully. Typically Eyeliner Boxes are sold at cosmetic stores or cosmetic sections in supermarkets, where they are stored on shelves until the end user purchases them. 

My Box Printing with our superior experience and skills in the industry of custom boxes have expertise in producing some of the best fitting and well-manufactured liquid eyeliner packaging for our cosmetic manufacturer clients all over the world that at the same time are manufactured with Green materials.

That is sourced from Eco-friendly sources and are available in recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, compostable or much lower emissions material types as well. You can select any type you prefer while having the peace of mind that they will perform just as normally as any other high-quality packaging will while having the least negative impact on the environment as well.

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Key Features Friction lock top closure
Dimension L + W <= 20 inch; H <= 26 inch
Quantities 100 - 500,000 units
Paper Stock 12pt up to 24pt White cardstock, 18pt up to 24pt SBS, 18pt up to 24pt Kraft cardstock, Corrugated stock.
Colors Plain White/ Brown Kraft, CMYK, PMS, Special Colors(Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold),
Finishing Gloss AQ (Default), Gloss UV, Matt UV
File Upload
Die-line and design in separate layers
PMS swatch noted if applicable
Proof Digital Proof (press-ready file) confirmed by customer.
Turnaround 8-10 business days to print and ship, after the final approval(FREE Shipping)
Shipping Flat Pack

What We Offer?

We have a skilled panel of people who have been serving the custom box industry for a very long time. The experience and skills we collected over the long years has lead our Eco-friendly products to perform exceptionally well for our clients. Our expert people also help clients in the custom box designing stage where they are able to achieve some of the most appropriate designs for their customized products. These designs are also very environment friendly which can be reused or decomposed easily. Our custom boxes are manufactured from materials that are liquid proof and also provide all the necessary protection to the delicate eyeliner products at all times. Along with liquid proofing this material is also biodegradable which make it highly adaptive to the environment as it produces no solid waste material.

Protection of the Highest Level

Right from the initial stage, we consult with our clients on what type of materials suit their eyeliner products the best. The protection is also helped a great deal by the fitting of the Eyeliner Boxes. We ensure to use rigid and yet flexible materials for the production of the boxes that enable them to keep the liquid eyeliner products enclosed in their delicate containers well protected against every kind of mishandling they might receive right from the cosmetic manufacturer’s workshop to the dressing tables of the end users. Now where the protection is concerned, this packaging should also be protective to the environment so we make sure that material used is recyclable and biodegradable. 

All our Boxes have the ability to:

Printing That Makes a Difference

For the cosmetic product's boxes including the Eyeliner Boxes, we realize how important printing is. Usually, in supermarkets where they are sold the most, every brand’s eyeliner products are stacked together on common shelves, to appear more appealing to the customers, the boxes should be printed in just the right way. This demands very well thought-out printing designs that portray the nature of the cosmetic products in the most appropriate way and also have all the necessary information printed right on them in highest quality making it easy for the customers to read what they want.We provide you with superior printed Eco-friendly eyeliner packaging supplies that can:  

Experts in Wholesale

My Box Printing specializes in offering the most market competitive offers on bulk order for our wholesale Eco-friendly custom boxes. Eyeliner Boxes in wholesale or bulk quantities from any other box providers of the same quality will not come at better prices at all. Our price promise is the best in the industry and we are proud of that.

Using eyeliner boxes to package your eyeliner will increase its value. They include printing materials specific to the product. They can draw onlookers who are walking by. So, myboxprinting.com manufactures these boxes using strong and recyclable materials.


Many personalization options for eyeliner boxes

Do you understand how to meet your sales goals? Your products should stand out from those sold at other retail locations. Thus, you must use unique eyeliner packaging. We may customize it in several ways to increase the value of your products. As a result, you can find them in any required sizes, colors, and patterns. Additionally, we can print them according to your specifications. Thus, you can get in touch with myboxprinting.com to get these boxes with the features you want.


Green materials

Packaging waste causes serious harm to the environment. Thus, we take extra care to use green materials to create printed eyeliner packaging. Thus, for their production, we favor Kraft, corrugated, and bux board. Hence, they can guarantee that the environment is secure. You may contact us to buy green packaging. 


Premium quality printing

Your boxes' printing quality must be exceptional to garner favorable reviews from customers. Thus, to get printing of the most incredible quality, contact us. To provide premium printed eyeliner packaging, we have invested in cutting-edge printing machinery. 


Faster processing

Myboxprinting.com has grown in popularity in the market. It is due to its quick order processing. So, following their swift completion, we complete regular orders in 10–12 working days. Additionally, we provide eyeliner boxes with the expedited shipment as an option. Hence, we can complete urgent orders in 6 to 8 working days.


Dedicated customer support team

Our customer service staff is here to help if you want to learn about our services. Thus, you can get in touch with us through phone, email, or live chat platforms. Learn more about the custom eyeliner packaging we provide.