Gift Boxes

The gift boxes we offer to our customers are luxurious and a work of art. Material, quality and cost allow our customers to make the desired choice for our product. We have a wide variety of customers ranging from individual to retail companies; we make sure we have something for everyone. Our wholesale customers can enjoy a wide selection of our custom printed Boxes

We also encourage our clients to have access to personalized gift boxes. Customized packaging can improve the attractiveness of the gift. If the wrapping is particular, the gift becomes more special. Our printing experts are equipped with modern technology and high quality printing ink. All they do is help us to offer incomparable gift wrapping solutions at affordable rates.

What Are Benefits of Gift Packaging And Its Uses

By being part of this community we have well-read to make friends and associates that are dear to us. We strive to make a wonderful effort to make the special occasions in your lives more memorable. One of the preferred ways of our generation is exchanging gifts.

A gift or present holds a special place in the recipient's heart and can be kept for a long period of time. We strive to make gifts unique and appropriate for the person for whom they are intended. Because the gift is something tangible and the first impression on the packaging or box must come true, we realized that our goal should be to make the presentation of your gifts as dignified and exceptional as the item you keep inside. A thoughtful gift with a nice box is a more joyous occasion.

What Are Gift Boxes Made of?

Traditionally gift boxes used for promotional and seasonal gifts are made from sturdy paperboard or corrugated fiberboard. These boxes normally consist of a base and detachable lid and are made by using a die cutting process to cut the board. The box is then covered with decorative paper.

Buy Gift Boxes in Any Size or Style You Want

Since each item is unique in its size, shape, and style, we make sure the gift box packaging matches the item it should have. 

Here are some of the sizes available 

  • Small Gift Box 152mm x 152mm x 102mm 
  • Medium Gift Box 203mm x 203mm x 152mm 
  • Large Gift Box 305mm x 305mm x 127mm 
  • Rectangle Gift Box 305mm x 152mm x 152mm 
You can order the packaging to have a window cut out; use handles for fuss, and includes waves and cuts that make the gift stand out in the presentation. 

By giving your product a personal touch, your personalized gift boxes can truly be yours. They become so extraordinary that people want to keep them instead of throwing them away. Fit is a style that is accepted around the world and is growing at a rate over the last decade. You can order online from our website as well.

We Strive Our Customer’s Complete Satisfaction

All we do is help our customers, so we try to be open to ideas when we receive your order. Our designers want to hear what you want and bring you something that positively meets your needs. 

We understand that the gift assortment can be small, small items like a finger ring, ending with something as big as a television, circular like a soccer ball, flat like a notebook. Therefore, our boxes must be wide enough for the item to live in them. We serve our clients in multiple size ranges, from small to large gift boxes.

Small and Large Gift Boxes With Unique Designs

At My Box Printing we strive to incorporate the latest box designs into our catalog to help our customers find what they think suits their needs. Adding boxes like flat pack gift boxes and oversized gift boxes with lids has been incredibly well received by the market. Flat packs are large with a top panel that fits between the front panel and the two overlays on either side of the box. 

These boxes can mainly contain wedding gifts, delicacies, cosmetics and handmade utensils. For larger and larger Christmas gift giveaways, we have offered a very large box size to make packing easy and fun for both the presenter and the recipient. We recommend that you do not send your charity gifts in boxes that contain barcodes. Choose elegance.