Benefits of Using Polyester Ink for Screen Printing Posted On: Aug-18-2020 By: Alex Jones
There are too many kinds of printing inks that have gained popularity in recent years; however, they could not beat the level of polyester ink for screen printing. Various benefits of this ink encourage printers to make use of it for all kinds of screen printing jobs. Here are some prominent benefits of this ink that can help you realize why it is preferred for screen printing jobs.

It Creates Vibrant Prints

Polyester ink for screen printing produces vibrant prints, even on the blackest dyed substrates. That’s for the reason that it remains on the top of the substrate instead of being absorbed like discharge or water-based inks. It has been found that other inks get absorbed into the printing surfaces and provide dull results. This ink does not make any contact with the color of the substrate. It means that by using it for screen printing, you can get a lively and solid print on any type of printing substrate.

It Doesn’t Dry Out

When polyester ink was presented to screen printers, which were used for printing with discharge and water-based inks, one of the most prominent benefits that were claimed that was that “it does not dry out.” Since this ink has to reach great temperatures to preserve, it doesn’t coarsen in the screens throughout long press runs. It has not only made individual printing jobs tranquil, but it also has enabled them to reuse during the short run jobs without cleaning. Also, the leftovers of this ink can be collected and reused from the used screens.

Modifiability For Any Screen Printing Job

There are a lot of condiments you can use with this ink, which is modifiable as per the need of any screen printing job to help printers attain the look they want from the respective jobs. Reducers dilute the ink and make it easy to print with. Soft-hand condiments give the ink a brighter feel like retro prints. Additives like glitter, puff, and suede consent you to accomplish exceptional effects that make your polyester ink prints stand out.

User Friendly

Polyester ink has long been peddled as a user-friendly option for screen printing. You can print with it even on wet surfaces. You can also use under the base to get them flash cured and imprinted quickly, and also pinholes can be wretched out rapidly with a spot gun. In other words, it is very hand to use every kind of screen printing jobs.

Easy Disposal

Usually, polyester ink does not necessitate any special attention for removal. In most localities, treated polyester ink is not measured as harmful material. It means any additional ink you want to discard can just be treated and disposed of with the other non-hazardous elements.

Because of numerous benefits of polyester ink for screen printing like its lively, long-lasting prints and user-friendly properties, almost every printer in the industry makes its use for screen printing. It remains the ink that printers use again and again to create striking and resilient prints that their customers always love.

Get to know the benefits of using polyester ink for screen printing to understand what is retaining as one of the preferred printing ink among the screen printers.

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