How to Make Screen Printing Stencils Posted On: Aug-17-2022 By: Alex Jones
Learning how to make screen printing stencils is a great opportunity to produce unique designs for clients and to make the maximum out of printing business. Three dissimilar techniques are used to make screen printing stencils. All these screen printing stencil making techniques are as following:

Making Screen Printing Stencils With Emulsion Method

For screen printing, making stencils with emulsion method is considered best in comparison to other techniques of doing so as a lot of people using other methods are also turning to this one to have better screen printing results and quality. The following are the steps to make stencils with the emulsion method.
  • Create your desired design on the computer.
  • Print the design on a transparency sheet.
  • Now apply the emulsion on each side of your screen, and for that, you can use a squeegee to spread the emulsion evenly.
  • Place the screen in a black room or box for almost 2 hours while waiting for the emulsion to be dried completely.
  • After drying the screen, place the transparency sheet on the screen and put pressure with a slice of transparent glass to ensure the stencil stays even with the screen.
  • Apply UV lights on the screen for almost 10 minutes to fix the design.
  • Now Wash out the screen with cold water, and your stencil for screen printing is ready.

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Making Screen Printing Stencils With Non-Emulsion Methods

The other methods to make you understand how to make screen printing stencils are non-emulsion techniques, and here you will learn to make stencils with fabric and paper, respectively.

Make Stencils With Fabric

  • Cut out a slice of pure fabric some inches bigger than the design you desire to silkscreen. 
  • Put the pure fabric in an embroidery loop, ensuring that the fabric is even and towed tightly. There must be at least 1 inch of fabric outside of the embroidery loop.
  • Draw the design onto the fabric with a marker.
  • Splatter non-water solvable glue onto the fabric at all the places on which you don’t want to transfer ink while utilizing the stencil to create a silkscreen image.
  • Let the adhesive arid for approximately 45 minutes to an hour earlier to placing the stencil on the cloth you want to silkscreen.

Make Stencils Out Of Paper

  • Draw a design onto paper. You can use newsprints as well, but wax paper is considered a better option for using stencil more than one time.
  • Cut out the stencil with a stencil knife to get a more clean line on inside edges. 
  • Position the stencil on the garment in the same position you want your design to seem, and abode the screen on your stencil.

Some Useful Tips

  • Here are some important tips for making stencils with any of the explained techniques of doing so to get better results.
  • If you are creating a design that has multiple colors, you should make a stencil for every color.
  • You can also create plastic stencils by following the guidelines for creating paper stencils.
These are three of the most used techniques of creating stencils for screen printing, and by acknowledging them, you can learn how to make screen printing stencils effectively to provide your clients with remarkable prints and maximize your profitability.

Are you new to the screen printing business and are unaware of how to make screen printing stencils? Don’t worry! Learn here some key methods of doing so effectively.

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