Is Screen Printing or Digital Printing Better Posted On: Aug-18-2020 By: Alex Jones
While deciding is screen printing or digital printing better for your printing practices, it will be beneficial to evaluate the features that each of them has. The following are some key components to understand if screen printing or digital printing better.


The size of the job that you are going to run matters a lot to decide which one is better. For example, if you are targeting a regular full front design, both digital and screen printing technologies are good to go. Still, if you are in search of something slightly more unconventional such as an all-over print, due to longevity and a greater volume of the job screen printing will be more efficient and up to the mark to run your job successfully. 


The speed of the job is also of great importance while determining the superiority of any printing technique. While comparing the speed aspect of both of these printing techniques, screen printing is found as a laborious technique that requires heavy effort, and it makes it time taking. Investing time on screen printing is not worthless; however, if you are in a hurry and want to get your small jobs done rapidly, digital reigns supreme. While color split-ups are required for screen printing, digital does that all on its own that makes it a better choice considering its speed.


If you want to get the feeling like nothing is printed on the required surfaces, this can be achieved with the screen printing that can do that even on the dark shirts. On the other hand, with digital printing, prints on white shirts and surfaces are soft and nice, although prints on obscure colors incline to be a little chewy. This aspect of both printing techniques points to the superiority of screen printing as it is up to the mark to maintain the soft touch of the printing surface apart from the base color.

Printable Garments

Apart from the usage of any printing technique, printing on apparel is always found the best. Screen printing can manage to print on Teflon coated fabrics, polyester, burlap, nylon, bamboo, and every other printing surface. This is not true for the digital one. It is approximately restricted to printing on 100% cotton, and polyester might work on the assumption that no under base is required. 


As long as the source art is upright, both screen and digital will look crisp, nice, and clear. So the deciding factor is color. The screen printing is enormously adaptable in ink distinctions and methodological capabilities. Digital printing’s violets and blues just do not look decent on an under the base. It also does not have the domain inks like screen printing has such as metallic, glimmering in the dark, and UV delicate colors. The color variety is more than tolerable for most of the printing jobs, but screen printing is found better due to its superior ability to meet more of the detectible gamut and more perfectly.

These are some key aspects of both printing techniques that can help you understand is screen printing or digital printing better. Both have their limitations and particularities and are best within their purposes.

Do you want to know is screen printing or digital printing better? Get to learn here some of their key features and uses that will help you decide which one is better.

Screen Printing or Digital Printing