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Screen printing is widely used in the industry as it helps the business owners to save their printing cost in addition to ensuring the dynamic visuals for graphics. If you are thinking about screen printing essentials and What Do You Need for Silk Screen Printing, there are three main distinctions of items required.

What Will You Need?

It is one of the most common questions asked on the internet that What Do You Need for Silk Screen Printing? To answer this, you need to learn how the process works. The screen printing process involves silk mesh screens for shifting the pigments from the screen to the surface of goods. The screen is usually starched on a flat surface and has a rectangular frame covering its sides when squeegees are swiped on the surface, it pushes the ink and forces it to shift on the surface beneath. Then the printed item is put a flash cure unit that helps to partially cure the initial layer and enables to reprint on the surface. All these equipment are used in the direct process, but you will also be required to have preprinting equipment and post-printing equipment.

Pre-Press Equipment

In screen printing, you will require a number of pieces of equipment even before starting the initial process. From the designing computer to screen and emulsion, here are the basic things you will require.
  • A computer for the designing purposes graphic design software installed in it
  • Printer and films for making the basic stencils that are used for shifting the ink.
  • Raster image processing software to outline the films
  • A lot of screens if you are starting a business as these screens are basic components in the printing process.
  • Emulsion that is used for printing
  • UV cure station
  • Washout station

Equipment For Press Process

The next stage is the press stage, where you will be required to have a number of different machinery equipment. From the printing screens to squeegees, here are the basic essentials in the process.  
  • The basic and most important piece of machinery you will be required during the process is the press. In simple words, it is the heat of the process where all the magic happens. There are different types of presses available in the market. You can select between two basic distinctions of the press, manual or digital or six color format or three-color format.
  • Ink is the second most important thing you will be required to have as without it; printing is simply impossible. You can select form water-based inks or plastisol based inks for this purpose. The selection of ink can depend upon the graphics and requirements.
  • Squeegees are also highly important in the process as they are basic scrappers that are swopped on the film to shift the ink.
  • Another component that is used during the process is the Flash cure unit. Not all the shops have one, but it helps you to partially cure the printed surface instantly.

Post-Press Equipment

Post-press machinery usually requires conveyor belts, dryers, and other sorts of accessories that are not essential if you are a small retailer; these items are required by only big brands and are options. Now when you know What Do You Need for Silk Screen Printing, you can simply make use of the process to enrich the visuals of your retail objects.

Thinking about What Do You Need for Silk Screen Printing? From pre-press equipment to press and post-press machinery, here is a complete list for you.

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