5 Ideas for Compostable Biodegradable Friendly Packaging Posted On: Jan-08-2018 By: Alex Jones

Packaging is attributed for some of the most natural resources consuming elements in the retail industry, and most of the traditional packaging materials had no other way but to get wasted taking those resources with them when their usage had finished. A recent and modern innovation in the packaging industry is to have it made from Compostable and Biodegradable materials that can be composted after use and earthly bacteria, and other elements can degrade it biologically in an organic way contributing back to the natural resources of the earth. These materials are not only durable and supportive for products of all types to a great extent but despite being made from natural resources and materials don’t have much of a negative impact on the environment as their materials go right back into the earth from where they were taken just at different locations.

The biggest concern for this compostable and biodegradable packaging is not to let it get mixed up with materials that don’t let it compost or degrade biologically; this usually happens in the food packaging scenario and efforts must be made to keep prepared food ingredients away from this type of packaging materials. Here are a few great compostable and biodegradable packaging ideas for different types of product industries:

Biodegradable Paper Bags:
Paper bags have gained much popularity for their eco-friendly nature overall. These can have different eco-friendly benefits depending on their manufacturing types and processes including reusability, recyclability, requiring lesser natural resources or in some cases their biodegradable materials. Since paper bags are useful for practically any type of retail products sold in supermarkets or retail stores, these have great potential of reducing that carbon footprint and making the organic materials used in their manufacture get degraded right back to the earth after their usage has been conducted. Advanced printing techniques have enabled similar biodegradable printing on these special paper bags as well making their whole form get degraded biologically when disposed of carefully.

Compostable Custom Packaging for Retail Products:
Almost all retail products require some strong protective packaging that also fulfills other purposes including providing the brand or product advertisement and making storage and display in retail stores that much easier. Compostable materials can be modified in a way that they provide all the protection and durability for retail products along with all the printability options that make them perfect for product or brand advertisement as well. These compostable materials can be shaped and cut into whatever required designs for any types of retail products as well including all the required sizes and can be returned right back to the earth after use. For the most part, neither you nor your customers will notice the difference unless they are looking for it and instruction printed on them can illustrate the simple and easy composting procedures.

Food Friendly Biodegradable Packaging:
Ready-made foods are probably the hardest when it comes to biodegradable packaging. Their non-solid ingredients are pretty easy to get mixed up with the packaging and eliminate its chances of getting degraded biologically. However, modern innovations and creativity in packaging designing have evolved greatly, and now you can have food friendly packaging that has paper or other material sheets between the food products and the packaging materials that don’t let food ingredients have contact with those biodegradable materials at all. Only by getting rid of the sheets, these degradable materials can be exposed to the earth and dissolve biologically after use.

Compostable Shipping Packaging:
Shipping packaging is pretty much the same as all the other forms of packaging with the additional requirement of strength and durability. Shipping products of all types and sizes can be provided compostable packaging that is in their required sizes and protects them just as efficiently. These can also be labeled easily because of their similar flat and adhesive supporting surfaces, and you can also write on them using markers and highlighters making them more feasible for the shipping industry.

Durable Biodegradable Packaging for Various Purposes:
Biodegradable packaging can be used in most required scenarios replacing traditional packaging perfectly with the added benefit of contributing to the environment positively as well. Whether you have retail products, gifting products, fashion products, food products or any other different types of products, this kind of packaging can really provide the peace of mind that the natural materials used in their manufacture will not be wasted off, and you will not have a negative impact on the environment ensuring the safety for future generations to come.

Packaging is attributed for some of the most natural resources consuming elements in the retail industry