Different Box Printing Techniques Used In Packaging Industry Posted On: Aug-17-2022 By: Alex Jones
Box Printing is not less than a bliss for modern businesses. This facility allows businesses to print different kinds of things on different types of packages. There are numerous types available in the market that are not known by many people. That is why we have gathered the following top techniques to print Packaging Boxes that are pretty popular among packaging manufacturers these days. 


Lithography or offset is a technique of Box Printing that is used for bulk orders. Modern lithography machinery uses rollers over the sheets rather than the conventional ones with plates. It is mostly used for folding cartons. It is also used for labels that are known as litho labels. It has the retail print quality for custom packaging. It is considered one of the highest quality providers for printing Packaging Boxes. Colors look adorable when processed through this technology. That is a big reason for its success in the markets all over the globe. You can easily find it from top service providers. 


This is one of the most popular techniques for printing custom packaging. There are many reasons for this. It is mostly used on stand-up pouches. But many manufacturers use it on the corrugated materials as well. It has a light sensitive-polymer instead of plates. Otherwise, the process is nearly the same as lithography. The cost is pretty down as compare to others. It has a faster turnaround time. It can use oil and water-based inks as per the requirements of the customers. But it has comparatively lower quality than lithography. Color combination, smooth gradients, etc. are difficult to get from it.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is considered pretty important for Packaging Boxes due to many reasons. It is mostly used in small scale print jobs. Most of the cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated materials, etc. used to manufacture custom packaging are printed with this technology. Its quality is pretty high, almost equal to lithography. You can get a faster turnaround time as well. It requires no tooling that is a big benefit for Box Printing. 


This is a pretty famous but not more than the aforementioned technique for custom packaging printing. It is used for the same type of packages, like flexography. Its process consists of an engraved cylinder that is used to transfer the ink on the Packaging Boxes sheet. It is used on the commercial level, mostly. It has longer lead times. This is because of complex tooling. Cost is more as well due to the high tooling price. 


This Box Printing technique is unique because of many reasons. Many processes require human efforts, so the chance of human error is more when using this technique for Packaging Boxes. You can transfer the ink to the substrate by using polymer mesh. The speed of this technique is much lower. Print quality is quite low as well to use on custom packaging. 

 Box Printing is considered a blessing in the new era. There are many reasons for this. That is why new technologies have evolved to satisfy diverse customers’ needs. The aforementioned ones are some of the top ones in the market.