Difference Between Screen Print And Digital Print Posted On: Aug-04-2022 By: Alex Jones
It is a known fact that screen printing is an old yet automated technique of printing garments; however, digital printing is a modern technique of doing so that is less laborious but also has some limitations. To know the difference between screen print and digital print, the following are the parameters that can help you in this regard effectively.

Job Volumes

The size of a printing job is of great importance to evaluate the difference between these two techniques. When it comes to screen printing, you can go with larger jobs to print; however, in the case of digital printing, it is not true. Digital printing is found best for smaller job sizes. For instance, if you are pursuing a regular full-front design, both are good to go. On the other hand, if you are looking for something a little more unconventional like an all-over print, due to endurance and a bigger volume of the print job, screen printing can do it more efficiently than the digital one. 

Printing Speed

To determine the difference between screen print and digital print, their speed of printing can also be a helpful aspect. In comparison to the digital printing technology, screen printing is found laborious and time taking as it requires great effort for making dies and burning screens to go with the process. While color separations are essential for screen printing that is a time-consuming aspect, digital printing technology does that all on its own, which makes it a superior choice considering its swiftness. So, if one is in a hurry to get the printing job done instantly, digital printing is up to the mark in this respect.

Cost Effect

In screen printing, as much greater will be your job lower will be the cost, but in digital printing, that is not the same. However, when it comes to the setup costs, the digital one is found cheaper than that of screen printing.

Printing Limitations

Both the screen printing and digital printing techniques have certain limitations, such as digital printing can do a great job only to the pure cotton and polyester garments, also considering the assumption of no under base is needed. However, this is not the case for screen printing, from Teflon coated fabrics to bamboo and any other printable garment item; it can provide you remarkable results.

Color Variations

As long as the base art is decent, both the screen and digital prints will look crunchy, pleasant, and perfect. So the determining aspect is color. The screen printing is immensely flexible in ink divisions and procedural capabilities. Digital printing’s blues and violets just not appear decent on an under the base. It also does not have the dominion inks, unlike screen printing that has a vibrant choice range such as metallic, radiance in the dark, and UV subtle colors. The color diversity is more than unobjectionable for most of the printing works, but screen printing is established better because of its higher ability to provide more of the range of visible colors.
Both the digital and screen printing techniques are up to the mark for different purposes and can provide remarkable prints within their constraints. These expressed aspects of both can help you realize the difference between screen print and digital print effectively, so when it comes to choosing a particular one, you can make a better choice.

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Screen Print And Digital Print