What Is Environmental Packaging? Posted On: Nov-30-2018 By: Alex Jones
In today’s world packaging has keen importance. Environmental safety and preservation campaigns are boosting their game day by day and people want safer greener products including packaging that prolongs the life of our environment for the future generations. The first concern for different companies is to deliver the products safely, this is where packaging is of ultimate importance. It ensures the safety of fragile products as well as keep them safe from different environmental aspects and mishandling thus prevent the products from eruption and damage. Increase in demand for packaging also increases threat for the environment. Question arises whether the packaging being used is eco-friendly or not? According to a study demand for protective packaging in US is increased by 4.9% per year.
Friendly Packaging

Here friendly packaging refers to eco-friendly packaging which means usage of packaging which is highly recyclable thus causing the least harm to nature. The packaging is made up from resources which consume renewable energy thus making it recyclable. The use of paperboard and cardboard is highly recommended for the packaging as they are made from pulp of the palm trees which make them environment friendly. The eco-friendly packaging can be
Reused which enhance its durability
Recycled easily making it safe for individuals
Decomposed easily when in contact with nature
Environmental Packaging

Environmental packaging is also called sustainable packaging. Environment friendly packaging is supposed to sustain against different odds providing safety to the product as well as to the environment. For this reason it is also named as “green packaging”. It includes the manufacturing of packaging from green resources such as flax which is a plant material. Life cycle of a packaging involves:
Choice of raw material
Production of packaging
The last step of this recycling process is of foremost importance, after disposal the material which cannot be decomposed or recycled causes solid waste which is threat to the environment. On the other hand if recyclable packaging is used it is friendly to the environment as it can be reused or decomposed easily. We are living in this world and we have some responsibilities against this environment. To keep it safe and green different measurements have been taken by the governments also. In UK heavy penalties have been enforced where the non-recyclable waste was found. As a consumer we should also emphasize on the use of environment friendly packaging. Different studies suggest that the use of recyclable and sustainable packaging has also caused increase in sales.
Environment Friendly Packaging Material

As far as options for the packaging materials are concerned there are many in numbers which can make your packaging environment friendly. Some of the popular materials are:
Paper based packaging
Packaging made from glass
Few types of plastics
Green plants material such as starch
The quality which make packaging friendly to the environment is recyclability as discussed above. In addition to that quality there is another when which refers to decomposition. Whether packaging material decompose or not when in contact with open air or environment. The material which decomposes easily is called biodegradable and is highly eco-friendly. Now concern is that which material is biodegradable. The answer to this question is:
Paper- paper is made from natural resources such as plants and trees. This nature of composition makes paper biodegradable. When in contact with microbes the paper decomposes very easily. So paper is mostly used in the manufacturing of packaging.
Cardboard- cardboard can be reused or recycled, along with these qualities it is also biodegradable as it belongs to the same family of paper.
Corn starch- for protective purposes bubble wrap is used which is made by plastic or polythene and it is not suitable for environment instead of that protective “peanuts” can be used to keep products safe, these are made by green plant material called corn starch.
Biodegradable plastic- there is also some forms of plastics which are biodegradable. Corn starch is used in manufacturing of such plastic bags which decompose easily.
Environmental Packaging Solutions

Here are some of the tips by which you can make your packaging eco-friendly:
Eco packaging bags and boxes- people use plastic or polythene bags to carry their products. The good news is there are now plastic bags which are made from biodegradable material. Just look for the “biodegradable clear bags and boxes.”
Eco safety padding- there are now bubble wraps which are made up of biodegradable plastics. Use them to contribute towards environment.
Eco friendly tape- for packaging purpose now there is eco-friendly tape available in market. This tape is highly adhesive and made from biodegradable material.

The quality which make packaging friendly to the environment is recyclability. Environmental packaging is also called sustainable packaging. Environment friendly packaging is supposed to sustain against different odds providing safety to the product as well as to the environment.