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When you have to make your packaging attractive and suitable for Halloween, you should know how to make a difference. You should know that custom boxes with logo wholesale come with special spooky characters printed on them. Their typography and colors are also special according to the event. Following are ten important tips for making your packaging influential on the occasion of Halloween.

Coffin Boxes For Chocolates


You must know that shape of the boxes is very important. The first important thing is to choose the best shape for your Halloween treats. You should know that coffin boxes have become very popular for chocolates and other items. They may contain scary chocolates. They may look like Dracula. The usability of these boxes can be enhanced by using special scary characters. 

Pillow Boxes For Candies 

You should know that pillow boxes are famous for their unique and enticing visual appearance. You should know that they may be made more special by printing specialized graphics. You can also improve their visual appeal by creating specialized structures such as bats, spiders, or others. You can create these structures from a black foaming sheet. You must attach or paste these structures on your pillow boxes and make them stand out.

Tied Boxes For Halloween 

You can get a square-shaped piece of fabric of any color. You must try to print it with spooky characters. You can also make it scary with your creativity. You should place your treat box in the center of this fabric and join its two corners. You should tie them above the box. You must also tie the other two corners of the box. This will give an enticing outlook. For making it scarier, use structures made from black foaming sheets.

Get Halloween stickers 

You should know that you can enhance the value of your ordinary box by making use of your creativity. You must find stickers with a Halloween theme. Different kinds of stickers are available. You may find them in different shapes according to your need. You can also find specialized Halloween stickers. They may come with spooky characters printed on them. You can get different stickers and paste them into your boxes. 

Make A Difference With Printed Tapes

You can also decorate your custom boxes with logo wholesale by using printed tapes. Printed tapes come with specialized designs. They may contain personalized symbols or graphics to demonstrate the event of Halloween. You must find the best kind of printed tape and make use of your creative skills to paste it into your boxes. They will look highly appealing.

Gable Boxes With Scary Graphics

Gable boxes are canopy-shaped boxes that come with carrying handles. They have attracted a lot of people due to their enticing outlook. You can utilize these boxes for presenting your treats on Halloween. You may print them with scary pumpkins, skulls, or ghoulish graphics. You must also use images of Dracula, zombies, and others to make them fearful for the audience.

Print Scary Mouth And Eyes 

Different people have devised different ways to make their Halloween packaging scarier. One of the best ways is the printing of scary mouths and eyes. You may get a box of any shape and print it with the skulls and eyes. They will look highly dangerous. You may either print the image of a scary mouth and eyes or create them with a black foaming sheet. 

Utilize Images Of Bats And Ghosts 

When you have created an attractive shape of the box, you can enhance its value for Halloween treats by using relevant imagery. You know that different kinds of scary images such as bats and ghosts have played an important role in increasing the attractiveness of these boxes. You may also create bats from a black foaming sheet and paste them on the boxes.

Choose Right Colors

There are certain colors that are linked with the occasion of Halloween. You should know about these colors and choose the right colors for your Halloween packaging. The most famous colors for Halloween packaging are green, purple, black, and orange. Brown and red colors are also used. You should choose any of these colors to make your packaging suitable for Halloween.

Print Halloween Symbols 

When you have developed boxes according to your ideas, you should make them suitable for Halloween by printing Halloween symbols. Do you know about Halloween symbols? These symbols include Calavera, zombies, ghosts, Dracula, black cats, skeletons, bats, and many others. You can either print them on your boxes or create them from a black foaming sheet.


We have described ten tips that can help you make your packaging influential for the event of Halloween. You should keep in mind that only scarier custom boxes with logo wholesale can help you stand out from the crowd. You must make use of these tips to make your boxes stunning and impressive.

Different brands produce high-quality custom boxes with logo wholesale for Halloween. Here we are going to describe ideas for Halloween packaging.

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