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It is believed that the United States was found on 4th of July so that marks its 243rd anniversary this year. Americans celebrate their independence day on 4th July of every year. There are planned parties, fireworks, barbecues, Air Force flyovers, tank displays, and much more since this is the most sacred national holiday of America which is celebrated by its patriotic people.

These people show their US flag images on their houses and the buildings to show their love for their country. Moreover, there are sports, parades, concerts, and even eating contest that is practiced that day as a symbol of celebration.

Independence day is a very important and patriotic day for American citizens. This was the day when they left the captivity of Great Britain and were given a separate land. They were freed that day and they even showed this happiness after the declaration. Many great leaders and American’s first two presidents have played some basic roles in this declaration.

The US flag images has always been a patriotic sign for all the American citizens as it reminds them of all the struggle and hard work which gave them their country.

Need To Know More?

Here we have piled up some discrete details for you to get the idea of why and how is this their independence day.

So, What Exactly Is It?

It is written in the history and witnessed by many that on 4th July 1776, the Founding Fathers of the United States signed its declaration of independence. Naming it their utmost victory, 56 statesmen including Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, declared it the British empire and freed the North American colonies by declaring them free states. On that very day, a modern superpower came into being. That’s when the United Stated was born and till now it has kept its pride of the victory.

The Story Behind It

In April 1775, the early battles of the Revolutionary war broke out, and soon few of the colonist started desiring complete freedom from Britain. These colonists were soon called as radicals.

There was a bestselling pamphlet “Common Sense” which was published by Thomas Paine in early 1776 had very intense sentiments for the revolutionary war. With the expression of these sentiments and the increasing hostility against Great Britain lead more colonist to favor the thought of freedom. This way, in early 1776, more colonist had agreed to favor independence. Soon, on June 7, the Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee introduced the proposal for colonies’ freedom and independence. He introduced this motion in the Continental Congress which was held at Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia.

Many were against it and Amid was one of them. He heated the debate and the Congress postponed the whole issue, so there no voted for the motion that day. But the congress appointed five men to form a committee- including John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania and Robert R. Livingston of New York. They were assigned to draft a formal statement that would justify this break from Britain.

On July 2nd, as a result of unanimous voting, the Continental Congress voted in the favor of Richard Henry Lee’s motion. So, his resolution had passed. That very day, John Adams wrote to his wife, that “July 2nd will be celebrated in the generation yet to come as a great anniversary Festival, and that this day should be celebrated with parades, sports, bells, guns, illumination, bonfires, and with everything that will light up the whole continent.

On July 4th, the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted by Continental Congress and it was written by Jefferson. Though the actual voting and the winning happened on July 2nd, since the declaration was signed on July 4th, so it is considered to be the birthday of the United States of America.

The Declaration was read in different cities to the public, and there was a lot of cheering and celebrations. The streets were crowded and everyone cheered up for their independence.

The declaration was signed by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, and unfortunately, both the presidents of the US died on July 4th, 1826, which is exactly 50 years after the declaration. The declaration of independence has become one of the most copied political document of all time now. It is the justification of the resolution for America and it also includes grievances against King George III. It also states that human being is the creature of God and that we all have certain rights and liberties, that cannot and should not be violated. This declaration has inspired everyone around the world for freedom and independence.

Early 4th July Celebrations

Before the declaration, colonists use to have annual celebrations for the king’s birthday. Traditionally that included bonfires, bells ringing, speechmaking, and processions. But when the independence was declared, in summer 1776, some colonists celebrated their freedom by arranging mock funerals for King George III. They did this to show that they were no longer in possession of Britain and that they were free now.

The festivities included bonfires, parades, concerts, the firing of muskets and canons, and the first public reading of the declaration, which was read just after the adoption to the public. On July 4, 1777, Congress was very much occupied with the war but Philadelphia held the first annual commemoration.

For several months before the victory of America in Yorkshire, George Washington gave double rations to the soldiers as the mark of motivation and celebration for independence day on every 4th July. And after the success, Massachusetts was the first state that declared 4th July as an official holiday.

After the war, new things continued to add in the celebration of the independence day. It included new political leaders to address the citizens thus motivating them, and maintaining the unity.

4th July As Federal Holiday

After the War 1812, the patriotic celebrations for independence become more widespread because that was the time when the United States again faced Great Britain. In 1870, 4TH July was announced as a Federal Holiday by the US Congress and in 1941, the motion was stated to expand the holiday to all the federal employees.

Since the late 19th century, 4th of July has been celebrated with a central focus on all the leisure activities, and as an occasion to get together and family treats that include fireworks and barbecues. The most common thing that makes it the independence day it the US flag which is lifted that day while the national anthem is being played.

The Celebrations

Over the years, many activities have been added and practiced on Independence Day depending upon the public’s choice. Activities like baseball games, trips to the beach, watermelon eating contest, picnics, historical pageants, and much more have been now associated with the celebrations of the independence day. The common foods that are cooked and shared on the independence day include hamburgers, apple pie, corn on the cob, Cole slaw, hot dogs, and most the time clam bakes too.

Where 4th July is celebrated across the whole country, historical cities like Philadelphia and Boston have huge crowd gatherings in their festivals. In Boston, John F. Kennedy used to sail to the harbor, and there would be concert celebrations on the side of Charles River featuring American music. In Philadelphia, the celebrations are limited to independence hall where the declaration was signed and read for the very first time.

Now, on this very day, many people celebrate it with different activities. Many people display US flags on the roof or outside their houses and the buildings. Many communities together arrange fireworks that are often celebrated with patriotic music. The most impressive and bright ones are shown on television. Some employees add their vacation with more vacation days and plan a trip to their closest or favorite beach to run from the summer heatwave.

Independence day is a patriotic day when the citizens of the US share their intense emotions and feelings in a patriotic manner. Many politicians also come in public and make motivational speeches to show their positive stance for the nation. They show their support to the country, its history, and the sacred heritage it possesses. Independence day is a national holiday so every school and government offices are closed that day. Also, some businesses will be found on close that day.  When it is suitable, many employees use their vacation days to add to the holiday and make a long holiday. This might cause a crowd in some places especially in those places where most of the tourist come. Due to the ongoing parades, concerts, and other activities, public transport and traffic are highly disturbed.

Overall, independence day is a glorious day for all the Americans and they show their love for the US and US flag images on that day with complete patriotism no matter how busy they are around the date. They always pursue different activities to show their love and passion for their country.

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us flag images the independence day special