How Much Does Screen Printing Cost Posted On: Aug-17-2022 By: Alex Jones
To answer how much does screen printing cost, there are multiple aspects to consider that can help you understand the costing and pricing mechanism. Here are some key determinants of screen printing costs and pricing that play a key role in this regard.

Type of Apparel

There are plentiful apparel choices out there that you can get printed. As much the choice of garment varies, the cost of screen printing also varies as it mainly depends on the printing surface you will select to get print on. In other words, it is totally up to the customer to make choices and get quotes accordingly.

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Number of Colors

The number of colors is also an important factor that helps printers to determine the cost of the screen printing job for the respective client. As one will choose a greater number of colors to be printed on the front and back, the more it will be costly as a greater number of colors will require a greater number of screens or stencils too, which will make it costly.

Size and Number of Impressions

Apart from the number of garments, one wants to get printed; normally, screen printers charge based on the size and number of impressions or images printed on the garments. For example, if you want to get 50 shirts on both sides, your service providers will charge for 100 prints instead of considering the number of shirts. However, the greater quantity of prints always helps clients to bear the lower per-unit cost for screen printing.

Color of Garment

On the darker surfaces, sometimes it becomes necessary to do an under the base to make the colors truly pop. For example, you have a 2-color design, but the darker color of the garment requires an underbase that might take it to 3 colors even without you realizing it. That also takes sufficient time for making under the base to provide you with remarkable prints. This aspect can also add some cost to your screen printing.

Special Locations

It is not a big deal for screen printers to print your garments on the front and back without specific hassle; however, asking them for printing on the special locations or parts of the garment can make it costlier for you. It is known as a trickier aspect that takes time and effort to be done accurately without any damage to the


To determine how much does screen printing cost, considering the spoilage adjustments in the total costs is also important. Screen printers also adjust the costs of wastes material, inks, and time while they face issues, or they make mistakes in the printing procedures. It adds a very minimal number into the total cost of screen printing to cover the spoilage.


Along with all the above aspects, consideration of the labor cost is also of great importance as it is a labor-intensive job. To make dies and screens and to manage all the printing processes, you need to have specialists, and that costs too.

Considering all these pricing factors, it will be easy for you to understand how much does screen printing cost and if you want to get any garments printed what amount of money you should be arranging. According to the quotation mechanisms of different screen printers, it has been realized that for a single shirt with front and back printing, the cost averages from $15 to $35 depending on the explained factors for cost determination and varied printing requirements.

Do you know how much does screen printing cost and what factors play a role in the price determination? Learn here such factors to know the pricing mechanism better.

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