How to Remove Screen Printing From Shirt Posted On: Aug-04-2022 By: Alex Jones
If you are new to screen printing, no wonder you will make mistakes. Even if you are experienced in screen printing, mistakes and mishaps can take place then too that can enforce you to remove screen printing from the shirts you were printing. If you are unaware of what to do in that case, here is how to remove screen printing from shirt effectively.

Follow The Below Steps To Get Mistaken Printing From Your Shirts Removed Easily.

Rinse The Shirt

As soon as you realize the undesired stains and smears or you find the desired image inappropriate, rinse your shirt in the cold water instantly. This will help you take off the fresh ink from the garment. Here the thing that you must consider is that your water must be cold as if you used hot water will help inks to set firmly on the surface. Once you have rinsed your shirt in the cold water and are sure that all the fresh ink has been removed, you can also rinse your shirt with warm water to remove further ink and printing. 

Let It Be Dried

Once you are sure that the maximum inks that can be removed with rinsing have been removed, you should let your damaged shirt dried completely. By doing so, their might some ink remains on the shirt, but on the next steps, it will help you to go with the process easy.

Use Iron And Paper Bag

Once your spoiled shirt is fully dried, lay it on a flat surface on which the iron can run smoothly and place a paper bag on the screen printing part of the shirt. Take an iron box and press the paper bag at the place of screen printing. The heat of the iron will help you transfer the screen printing to the paper bag. You can repeat this process of ironing until you feel no more ink can be removed with this technique.

Use Some Sugar

Now, if you see that there is still some ink or screen printing is left behind, put some sugar and scrub your shirt’s printing part softly. Rigorous scrubbing can cause damage to the fabric of your shirt, and surely you would not like it.
That is how to remove screen printing from shirt; however, if you find some ink still left on the shirt, the last two steps can be repeated to get the ink removed.

Some Key Tips for Removing Screen Printing From Shirt 

Below are a few useful tips in this regard that can help you make the process easier.
  • Washing the shirt, again and again, will diminish the image. So, if the screen printing has not come off entirely, keep it washing more and often, and it will help you remove it.
  • Do not go for ironing the shirt directly as it can set the printing firmly on the shirt.
  • Acetone can also help you remove stubborn printings.
  • The spotting liquid of high-pressure guns can help you eliminate screen printings that do not come off with the said process.
From the above steps and suggestions, you can easily learn how to remove screen printing from shirt to minimize the damage to your printing business.

Are you aware of how to remove screen printing from shirt? If you did not know, learn here the procedure to go with and tips to make the process easier for you.

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