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The bond of a child and mother can be celebrated all the time as it is the most sacred bond among all others. But Mother’s Day is a special day dedicated to this bond only. It is the day of celebration and devotion to this great connection.

The true essence of motherhood is considered to be hidden in all the ways through which a mother gives birth to a child and stand by his or her side while he/she grows on. The growth and upbringing of an adult is in itself a very difficult and devoted process where mothers without thinking about their self, focus on the child only. Mother’s day is dedicated to all such moments when the mother leaves her choices and desires and live for only her child. On this day, not only children but the whole society and world acknowledge and remember the effort the mothers put in for their children. This is a very special day for children as well as mothers to relish and enhance their bond and make it more effective for the future. This is the time to show how much society understands and values the efforts of a mother in rearing a new life.

The Day

Mother’s day is usually the second Sunday of May every year, it is mostly celebrated in countries like America, Canada, Australia. But it is spreading everywhere else too. For this day to be celebrated, two people made efforts, Ms. Anna Jervis and Ms. Julia Ward Howe. It is due to their efforts that the whole world acknowledges the strength and efforts of the mother. In 1914 on 8th March, the US president, Woodrow Wilson, signed this resolution of the Mother’s day and thus it is celebrated every year since then.

Celebrations In Early Times

These are the celebrations which are all about Mother’s day in which the motherhood is commemorated and honored. It all goes back to the Mother of Gods, Rhea, which an occasion that merges with springtime. This theory is according to Greek mythology. In later history, it was observed that the Mothering Sunday was celebrated in the United Kingdom which was a traditional feast. On that occasion, people used to visit the Church for being baptized.

Some Symbols And Mother’s Day

There are many ways in which the appreciation and respect for the motherhood and mother figures are symbolized. One of the founders of Mother’s day as of today, Anna Jarvis, called for carnation to mark the day. In West Virginia, US, there is an international Mother’s day shrine in Grafton. Usually, the spirit of Motherhood is celebrated there.

Today’s Celebration

All over the world, Mother’s day is celebrated through various occasions, activities, and presenting gifts to the mothers and mother figures. Usually, it is about presenting cards, flowers, gifts, having lunch and dinner, and sharing old memories. Although presenting mothers with beautiful gifts and showing your respect and love is valuable, but some critics think that this has become more like a tradition and a reason for parties and events, and somehow the real meaning of mother day is lost somewhere. The Mother’s day is more about expressing love and gratitude rather than just relying on material gifts.

Top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

If you are confused about what you should get to your mother this Mother’s Day, we can help you with that. We have come up with Top 10 mothers day gift ideas to help you with choosing the right gift for your mother. Surely, this list will help you a lot.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? If you are all up for it, you can bake something delicious for her through various recipes available online. Your affection will be shown through your love and taste. If can’t cook, you can always go for beautifully packed and decorated chocolates that are especially available for Mother’s day in the market.


Flowers are the most convenient and precious ways of showing love and affection to a closed one. Your loved ones will feel the appreciation you have for them through beautiful flowers.

On any occasion, flowers are the welcome gift and every event is incomplete without them. You can show your love to your Mother by sending her a surprise bunch of flowers. Go through the stores online and choose the prettiest ones for the pretty lady.

Pre-Booked Sessions

If your mother is into mani, Pedi, massages, or some other this sort of services, why not book a session for her? You know your mother loves to go there, so book a session and surprise her. Now that’s a great gift, make it better by arranging a spa session for both of you so you can spend some quality time together.

Personalized Gift

You know your mother’s interests, then why not choose a gift accordingly? You can gift her something she wanted to have for so long. You can get her favorite perfume, bag, dress, or anything that she likes. You can even do online shopping for her and surprise her.

Bath Sets And Candles

Ok, it is a bit of a different idea, but candles and bath sets always go like a great treat. Women love to have bathroom luxuries and they love to relax so why not go that way? Give her something that will keep her in comfort for years.

A Bottle Of Something

There is nothing wrong in getting her something that you can enjoy too. Get her a bottle of vodka, champagne, gin, or anything of that sort and give her a party mode. You can enjoy with her on this because it is all about spending quality time together. Isn’t it?

Favorite Perfume

Does every woman love perfume? Isn’t that true? Perfumes are the one thing that a woman would lie to have on every occasion. And when you give your mother her favorite perfume, you are showing that you care about her and you are attentive that’s why you know what her favorite perfume is. Not only will she love it, but also she will notice your love.

Something Extravagant

If you can’t treat your mother, then who will you treat? It might go a bit expensive but you know very well that she will love the addition of a classy jewelry set in here jewelry, or she will love the addition of a classy dress to her wardrobe. Everybody loves that, so give her something she would admire and use as well.


Another great idea is to give her some skincare products that she already uses or would love to use. You will know very well what she would require at that time of her age. It can be a night cream, eye-cream, melting mask or something that would help her glow her skin. A great present is all about giving them something they won’t buy themselves.


Does she love coffee? So there is your problem solved. All you need is to get her an electric coffee machine or a mixer or milk frother. You can also get her a beautiful coffee cup. If she loves coffee, everything that is related to coffee will excite her and she will love it. You can also go for coffee mug set and surprise her with the choice of your design.

So, we have got it all covered. Right? Did you like our Top 10 mothers day gift ideas

By now, you might have decided what are you going to buy for your mother this Mother’s day. Haven’t you? If not, go through the list again and you will have your answer.

For the progress of our society and world, it is very necessary that we give the respect to our mothers for the efforts they have made and perform our duties properly rather than making façade out of it. Mothers give birth and take care of their children out of pure love and they deserve the same in return as they grow weak and older. Showering gifts, cards, and presents is surely a nice way expressing respect and love but what they need is their kids’, unconditional love.

If we focus on Mother’s day we will see that not one day but every day should be the Mother’s day and they should be respected and loved every day. They are relentlessly and selflessly performing their duties every day and so they deserve the same love every day, not just one day. As children, we should be grateful every day for the sacrifices and efforts they have made for us.

So, choose a different and unique gift for your mother this Mother’s day from Top 10 mothers day gift ideas but don’t forget to spend some quality time with her as well because that’s what she needs more right now. Presents matter but your quality time matters the most. So, what have you planned for your mother this Mother’s day?

Looking for Mother's Day Gift Ideas? Here we have compiled a list of gift ideas, you can take benefit from to surprise your mom and express your love.