How Does Modified Atmosphere Packaging Protects Foods Posted On: Aug-17-2022 By: Smith
Modified atmosphere packaging is what aids everyone in the food industry and makes sure product freshness, quality, and longer shelf life. Particularly in the food industry, modified atmospheric packaging is playing a vital role. As it helps businesses and brands to protect the atmosphere within the packaging that keeps the packaged items in original taste and quality for a long time. To learn how does modified atmosphere packaging protect foods, you must be aware of its key components and protective features that are the following:

Gas Flushing

The excessive amount of Oxygen is what speeds up the expiration of the food products as it helps aerobic organisms to grow and obliterate the packed food items. In Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP), the use of Nitrogen is made to reduce the amount of Oxygen in the packaging and to minimize the risks of product expiration. However, Nitrogen also causes the reduction of moisture in the packaging. So, to maintain the moisture in the package that is required to keep products fresh, the use of carbon dioxide is also made, which also helps brands to maintain the pH of the packaged items too.

Barrier Films For Food Protection


The right barricade can increase the fortification of the packaged foods against destructive microbes and gases like Oxygen. The films used in the MAP decrease the immersion of moistness and Oxygen. Plastic foils and films are utilized to seal the MAP food packing. After Nitrogen or other gas blushes out the Oxygen from the packaging, the barrier films protect the foods from more immersion of Oxygen.
Packaging layers are chosen based on the individualities of the food products and the penetrability properties of the chosen level of protection. Fundamentally, the barrier is an additional coating of safety for maintenance of the atmosphere in the package.

Minimal Use Of Preservatives

One of the newest food drifts is food made without stabilizers. People like to discern that the innards of their food are food and are not fake ones. An advantage of modified atmospheric packaging is that it does not make use of preservatives to uphold freshness. MAP reduces corrosion and maintains quality. As the gas flushing indifferent undesirable Oxygen from the packing, it is not essential to add preservers to preserve texture and taste and to avoid spoiling. It pleases not only customers but also brands and businesses as it streamlines the food packaging procedure overall.

Verified Protection 

If you are still confused about how does Modified Atmosphere packaging protect foods, it also allows you to check how it works. In this regard, there are multiple tests that can run to check its effectivity for food product safety and freshness. Particularly, TecPen MAP Oxygen Analyzer is considered as a great tool to check that the seal is not broken and all the gases present in the packaging are in the right amount to keep the packaged food items fresh and safe from expiration and other environmental impacts.

Considering the stated features and capabilities of MAP, it will be very easy for you to know how does Modified Atmosphere packaging protect foods and how you can take its advantage to flourish your food business.

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