How To Burn A Screen For Screen Printing Posted On: Aug-17-2022 By: Alex Jones
In screen printing, burning the screen is of great importance as it provides you the opportunity to print anything you want on any kind of shirt, bag, or totes. To learn how to burn a screen for screen printing, here are some tips and instructions to follow

Collect The Resources

To burn or expose your screen, you need to have supplies such as blank silkscreen pre-stretched 110 mesh frame, photo emulsion, ink, rags, blank canvas including bags, shirts and posters, 150 watts light bulb, and transparency paper for laserjet printing. Furthermore, you will also require squeegee, gloves, and apron, a table covered with newspapers, sheets of black paper or fabric, 2 lamps, and red/yellow light bulbs and table clamps or weights (optionally) to get better results and avoid any mishaps.

Things to Do To Burn the Screen

To get better results and up to the mark prints on your garments or other clothier items to be printed, here are some useful instructions and tips that can help you in this regard.

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Coat The Screen with Emulsion 

Apply the photo emulsion using your squeegee to your silkscreen. The blend will come with a slight bottle of sensitizer containing some instructions to use. Follow the instructions on the bottle to amalgamate the components. Then put a little of the blend on the screen. Spread it equally with the sponge/ squeegee to cover the entire screen in a thin and even coat of photo emulsion. Do that for both sides.

Dry It 

Keep the coated screen in the darkroom for almost 2 hours, and this time may vary due to the varied size of your screen and the amount of applied photo emulsion. Ensure that your screen is dry before going to the next step.

Print Black Ink Image

To go forward with the process, now you should be printing your black ink images on a transparency paper with the help of a laserjet printer. After printing, keep it aside.

Set Up Your Lights

Place the black sheet on the covered table and position your lamp with red/yellow bulb of 150 watts so that the shine must be affecting the black sheet directly. To have better experience and results, turn off all the other lights in the room.

Place Transparency On The Screen To Burn

To burn or expose the screen, take out the framed film which is coated with dried photo emulsion and place it on the screen by wooding down the black fabric. To keep the screen in place, you can make use of the clear tapes.

Again Keep It In Light

Once again, considering the instructions and guidelines on the used photo emulsion and keep your screen in light for 30 to 45 minutes, and after that, you can return to the normal lightning. It will initiate the burning process.

Wash It Out

By utilizing a basin with cool water, wash the screen up until all the emulsion slivers off where your transparency clogged light. It can take some time to rinse it all off, so be certain to be patient and thoroughgoing. Try not to brush the film with your fingers. You must be able to utterly see through the zones where you need ink to appear. Now dry it off, and your screen is burned successfully.

Considering all these tactics and guidelines, you can burn your screen for screen printing procedures. To make the best use of screen printing, it will be inevitable to learn how to burn a screen for screen printing.

Do you want to get remarkable prints with screen printing by learning how to burn a screen for screen printing? Here are guidelines that can help in this regard

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